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Boost your teams' wellbeing by spending less

Upgrade your longer term business stays with our eco-friendly serviced homes and apartments, increasing motivation by 25% at a 30-50% lower cost. 

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“12Stay has made team travel 
so much easier and more enjoyable. 

The accommodations are always top-notch, the customer service is outstanding and the team loves to return.  Highly recommended!” 

David, Team Lead

Using serviced accommodation for corporate stays -instead of hotels- is getting more popular.

You have 2 options. Choose wisely:

Airbnb and similar sites: commission-driven,  properties are known to be hit and miss 

12Stay: win-win driven and mananged by ourselves: 100% quality control

Compared to hotels, 

our homes-from-home offer on average 

30% more space

 at a 30-50% lower cost

 and half the carbon footprint.

Quality guaranteed, as we manage all homes ourselves.

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Hello! It’s Ron here, founder of 12Stay.

I used to be an IT contractor, focusing on building complex (Salesforce-) CRM systems for corporate clients.
As such, for over a decade I lived in hotel rooms for months on end, so I know many of the pains most of you are . And I’m here to help you. 

Fellow culprits are Sam and Craig (both have hospitality in their veins), Rash (operations) and Martin (IT ops).

Together we span over 100 years of relevant experience and we are supported by 
a team of over 40 dedicated guys and girls both in the UK and offshore.

Our mission: offer the perfect extended corporate stay while retaining the character of each location.

*source of figures mentioned: GSAIR 2022

Boost your team on their next stay. 

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